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MMB provides quality and reliable translation services in a variety of fields, ranging from the general field, literature, economics and finance (investment etc.), taxes and trade, humanities, law (litigation, arbitration, etc.), tourism, and industrial engineering, science, and politics to management, health or medical.

Armed with years of proven experience in the world of translation and many professional translators has enabled us to handle a variety of books and document translation projects that include:

Land certificates, agreements and lease contracts, birth certificate, Litigation and arbitration proceedings, legislation, academic publications, product Patent, training materials, Insurance, manual book, Journal of Law, research report, Power of Attorney, Securities, Financial Statements, Tax, revenue and expenditure Budget, medicine and pharmacy, annual report, Investment, Technical and Engineering, shareholders’ meeting resolutions, Sop (standard operating procedure), customs, environmental impact analysis, business proposal, novels, literature and general articles, books of non-fiction.

In addition, our team of experienced and high quality translators has been widely trusted to provide translation services to major law firms, tax offices, customs, banks, companies and universities as well as industry.

Moreover, the operating procedures we that define in MMB have common standards applicable in the field of translation in terms of:

language competency and technical reference for translators, quality management and project handling, information handling and data confidentiality, terminology management and guidelines for translation style, check-recheck methods, editing and final verification for the translation result.
By applying these high standards as a whole over the years, the reputation of MMB is quite reliable for the problem of translation accuracy and timeliness.


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